Zika Healthcare Provider Toolkit

ZIKA Toolkit Cover Photo

Providers of family planning services, including those in Title X clinics and in primary care sites such as Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), play an important role in helping women and men make informed decisions about pregnancy and childbirth in the context of Zika. Most of these clients are not pregnant, so there is an opportunity to prevent the consequences of Zika by educating them about how it is transmitted, the risks that Zika poses to reproductive health, and helping them to consider how those risks may affect their plans for pregnancy and their use of contraception.

This toolkit, based on CDC guidance, is designed to help providers of family planning services in a variety of settings educate their non-pregnant clients about the risk of Zika infection.

In this toolkit you will find updated information about Zika and how to counsel women and men about family planning in the context of Zika, as well as provider tools and materials for patients in both English and Spanish. There is information specifically for clients who live in or travel to areas with local mosquito-borne transmission of the Zika virus and for clients who live in areas without local transmission. The job aids for healthcare providers, handouts for clients, and outreach materials are now available in both English and Spanish.