Current Embryo Adoption Awareness and Services Grantees

The Embryo Adoption Awareness and Services (EAA) program currently funds three projects to help increase awareness and facilitate the process of embryo adoption/donation.

Embryo Connections

Annual Funding: $299,000

Contact Information: Deb Roberts

Project Overview: Embryo Connections was founded to empower all participants – embryo donors, embryo recipients, and infertility healthcare providers. The project aims to make embryo donation a viable, widely accepted and available family building solution by building an inclusive, empowering concierge donation infrastructure for individuals; increasing provider participation; and, leveraging exploratory insights to build the foundation for a family building paradigm shift among individuals, clinicians, and professionals.

EM*POWER Donation

Annual Funding: $300,000

Contact Information: Maya Grobel

Project Overview: As a returning grant recipient, EM*POWER Donation’s new project will expand and build on several services originally developed to increase awareness and knowledge of embryo donation among patients, IVF clinics, and reproductive medicine professionals. Based on evidence collected over the past two years by EM*POWER, indicating the need for more personalized and community facilitated supports, the project will develop and disseminate targeted, user-centered educational materials and counseling, and will build and grow a set of virtual community supports to help donors and recipients navigate the complex logistics and relational considerations of embryo donation and matching. EM*POWER will apply its expertise in psychosocial counseling, genetic counseling, education, and media production, as well as the relationships and research insights developed under the initial grant project.

Embryo Solution

Annual Funding: $200,013

Contact Information: Alena Patsenka

Project Overview: Embryo Solution is a new embryo adoption agency which provides a range of services to embryo donors and adoptive parents. This grant recipient plans to increase awareness and accessibility of embryo adoption and donation for low- and middle-income couples. In the scope of the grant project, Embryo Solution will run an OBGYN awareness campaign to educate medical professionals about embryo adoption/donation as an affordable, lower cost family building option, and educate the OBGYN physician about the need to provide this information to their patients at the beginning of their fertility treatment. Additionally, the recipient will target reach low- and middle-income couples with information about embryo adoption and donation through a digital public awareness campaign.