Teen Pregnancy Prevention Successful Strategies

Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) program grantees are changing the lives of young people around the nation. The TPP Successful Strategies present profiles of these ground-level change agents and highlights of the important work they are doing.


Arizona Youth Partnership
FY18-19: Starting Out Right for Teen Parents (SORTP) (Print)


City of Hartford
FY15-19: Hartford Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (HTPPI) (Print)


Trinity Church Plan Be____
FY15-19: Trinity Church Plan Be____ Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (Print)


Health Care Education and Training (HCET)
FY15-19: The HCET Clinton County Youth RISE! Project (Print)


The Policy & Research Group
FY15-19: Practice Self-Regulation™ (Print)


Johns Hopkins University
FY15-19: Respecting the Circle of Life: Mind, Body and Spirit (Print)


Kent Intermediate School District
FY18-19: SkillFlixTM for Parents (Print)


Delta Health Alliance
FY15-19: Delta Health Alliance: Delta Futures Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (Print)


Better Family Life, Inc.
FY15-19: Better Family Life Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (Print)

New York

New York University
FY15-19: Fathers Raising Responsible Men (Print)

North Carolina

Children’s Home Society of North Carolina
FY15-19: Wise Guys (Print)


Thrive: Sexual Health Collective for Youth
FY18-19: Central Oklahoma Teen Pregnancy Prevention Collaboration (Print)

Youth Services of Tulsa
FY15-19: Youth Services of Tulsa—Tulsa Area Teen Pregnancy Prevention Collaborative (Print)


Northwest Family Services
FY18-19: Deceptions Program (Print)

FY15-19: Healthy U (Print)


Public Health Management Corporation
FY15-19: Promoting Awareness through Live Movement and Sound – Teen Pregnancy Prevention (Print)

Republic of the Marshall Islands

Youth to Youth in Health, Inc.
FY15-19: Youth to Youth in Health, Inc.: Republic of Marshall Islands Teen Pregnancy Prevention Project (Print)

South Carolina

Mary Black Foundation
FY15-19: The Mary Black Foundation's Connect Initiative to Reduce Teen Pregnancy (Print)

South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
FY15-19: Accelerating Progress—Strengthening Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiatives Among High-Need SC Populations (Print)


Healthy Futures of Texas
FY15-19: Big Decisions (Print)

FY15-19: Gender Matters: Changing Teen’s Perspective on Gender Roles and Working to Decrease Teen Pregnancy in Travis County, Texas (Print)

Texas A&M University
FY15-19: Innovative Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs (iTP3) (Print)

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
FY15-19: University of Texas-San Antonio Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiatives (Print)

West Virginia

Mission West Virginia
FY15-19: Mission West Virginia's Teaching Health Instead of Nagging Kids (THINK) (Print)