Innovation in OPA Grant Programs

OPA Grant Programs: Innovating Together

TPP Innovation Grants Show Positive Evaluation Results

OPA’s TPP program is a national, evidence-based program that funds diverse organizations working to prevent teen pregnancy across the United States. OPA funds the exploration, development, testing, and rigorous evaluation of new and innovative interventions to significantly reduce teen pregnancy disparities and advance the field of adolescent sexual health. Investing in teen pregnancy prevention programs helps adolescents reach their full potential.


“Innovation is the ability to generate and execute new ideas—incremental, evolutionary, or revolutionary—and it starts with creativity. Creativity is the ability to look past the obvious—to transcend traditional ways of seeing the world to create something new.” - from IDEO

Innovation in the Office of Population Affairs (OPA) refers to a community-driven and disciplined process of finding solutions to some of our most complex public health challenges. It also reflects a broad spectrum of new or adapted products, programming, strategies, approaches, interventions, policies, and practices that propel our mission of advancing health across the reproductive lifespan. OPA embeds innovation values and methods in all we do, but we especially promote it in and across our Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) and Title X family planning grant programs. OPA convenes, builds community, and makes connections across our diverse innovators.

Innovation Projects

In May 2023, OPA convened 50 innovation teams from the TPP Program, Title X, and our research and evaluation grants to build relationships, workshop their innovations, and fine tune their design skills. Four showcase videos resulted from that event. Watch our compilation video to learn more about how OPA integrates innovation into our grant programs. Watch the other three video shorts to learn more specifically about innovations for engaging and supporting families, advancing adolescent health equity, and improving health care access and service delivery. 

Learning and Dissemination 

Prevention Science Supplemental Issue: Evidence from the TPP Program's Experiment with Innovation

OPA is excited to share the Special Issue on Evidence from the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Experiment with Innovation, our first-ever journal supplement focused on innovation in the TPP program. Our special supplement encompasses 15 articles from innovation grant recipients over the years, highlighting critical findings related to innovation impacts, implementation science, network development, evaluation-readiness, intervention development, and more. It also includes an introduction from OPA that explores how the TPP program adapted and refined its approach for fostering dynamic innovation-to-scale projects, as well as a special commentary from the Partnership for Public Service.

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