Youth Create! 2021

In 2021, the Office of Population Affairs (OPA) launched the Youth Create! call for content created by young people who participated in OPA's grantee programs. Youth Create! 2021 focused on young people's experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) program, and their overall health. Youth from TPP programs across the country responded to the prompts below. 

  • What has helped you and other youth get through the pandemic?
  • How has being part of a TPP program impacted your life?
  • What does a healthy future mean to you and others your age?

Explore their submissions in full in the sections below. See a sampling of the submissions in the compilation video

All the submissions are largely in their original form to retain the youth's authentic voice. Only video background music was changed to adhere to copyright laws. 

Videos and Multimedia

The Truth Untold

Claudine, Monica, and the OIC Teen Pregnancy Prevention Youth Leadership Council, Florida

The Truth Untold Video Screen Shot


YLC You and Me

Dorissa, Leriana, and the OIC Teen Pregnancy Prevention Youth Leadership Council, Florida

YLC You and Me Video Screenshot


Youth Optimal Health

Angel, Rubi, and Josephat, Campesinos Sin Fronteras, Arizona

Youth Optimal Health Video Screenshot


Our Past, My Present, the World’s Future

Tanya, Project STIQ, New York

Our Past, My Present, the World's Future Video screenshot


YES for Health. YES for Hope.

TRUST (Pro Youth and Families): Youth Engagement Squad, California

Yes for Health Yes for Hope Video Screenshot


Poetry, Essays, and Written Works

Bloom and Doom

German, Project STIQ, New York

In a year, 
where the gloom dominated the bloom,
for what felt like an eternal collapsible boom,
the youth pulled through this dark, dark doom. 

Held at home as tight as a cocoon, 
the nights going down as early as noon,
they went on their tools to view the long gone moon, 
the youth pulled through this dark, dark doom. 

Endless days led by an orange haired loon, 
felt like a time travel back to the world of the goons, 
the one where no deeds could possibly be seen any time soon, 
the youth pulled through this dark, dark doom. 

But what exactly did they do in this dark, dark doom,
to keep their sanity as platoons
in the quietest of the croons (times)? 

Some became various gassoons (jobs as dishwashers)
and made their share of doubloons. 
Some crushed poons (fools),
for their mischievous acts of buffoons.
Some put their minds on a balloon,
and set goals for their future honeymoons. 

Others had troubles in this unfortunate cartoon,
where this setup wasn’t made for their type of toons. 
Others filled their spoons,
with memories and macaroons. 
Others depleted their tablespoons,
by letting themselves fall in a lagoon. 

the case is that,
the youth pulled through this dark, dark doom.


Hector, Project STIQ, New York

Many young people who didn’t use protection regret it and now they feel darkness within 

Way too much youth who have yet to grin
Because mistakes make them feel darkness within 

All of the kids feel something crawling on their skin 
Because they feel darkness within 

But now with the knowledge I acquired from Project STIQ
They can live their lives with their conscious clean

And since then youth have been able to leave the state of mind they were in 
And finally now they can begin to say “I win”
To the darkness within 

Now I can guide
Those who have cried
And help them leave their problems aside 

Now that they know they can get help
They don’t feel the need to yelp 
Now they are at peace
The worried feelings were finally ceased 

Visual Art and Photos

You are Not Alone

Rubi, Campesinos Sin Fronteras, Arizona

Rubi, youth, holds colorful sign with hand-drawn flowers and statement: You're Not Alone.

Love Yourself

Angel, Campesinos Sin Fronteras, Arizona

Angel, youth, holds colorful sign with hand-drawn hearts and statement: Love Yourself.