IMAGIN Cross-Site Implementation Study of TPP18 and TPP19 Grantees

In 2018, the Office of Population Affairs (OPA) awarded 14 organizations two-year Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Phase 1 Tier 2 grants to refine, implement, and formatively evaluate their innovative program models to prepare for a potential summative evaluation. In 2019, OPA awarded another 29 organizations two-year TPP Phase 1 Tier 1 grants to select, refine, and implement evidence-based programs (EBPs).

Study Design

To understand the lessons that grantees learned as they implemented and refined their programs, OPA contracted with Mathematica to design and conduct a three-year external cross-site study. The cross-site study had two goals: (1) to document the process that grantees followed to get their programs and staff ready to implement their programs and (2) to identify lessons to help future grantees ensure their programs are ready and appropriate to implement in their communities. The research team examined three specific indicators of readiness: the readiness of the program model, the readiness of the organization implementing the program, and capacity to gather evidence to support implementation and evaluation in the local context. 

Data Sources

The study team collected data from a variety of sources including: 1) Phone interviews with grantee leadership staff; 2) Web-based staff survey of frontline staff; 3) In-depth virtual or in-person site visits with a subset of grantees, including discussions with frontline staff and community partners; 4) quarterly or bi-annual readiness status reports; and 5) data on performance measures. 


Read the TPP18 and TPP19* summary reports to learn about the lessons and experiences grantees shared. 

Key emerging themes and findings are highlighted in four in-depth case studies: 

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